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BASE is aiming for the most precise measurements of the magnetic moments of protons and antiprotons - to compare matter with antimatter

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of particle physics describes all the known fundamental particles and the forces between them. A part of this Model - called CPT symmetry - implies that the fundamental properties of particles should be equal and partly opposite to those of their corresponding antiparticles. Any measured difference between the masses, charges, lifetimes or magnetic moments of matter and nike air max 90 essential grey mist/whiteblackdark grey
could contribute to understanding nike air max infuriate mid
in the universe.

The Baryon Antibaryon Symmetry Experiment (BASE) at CERN will compare the magnetic moments of protons and antiprotons to look for differences between matter and antimatter.

Using an experimental set-up with two Penning traps - devices that hold particles in place with electromagnetic fields - the team aims to measure the antiproton magnetic moment to a hitherto unreachable part-per-billion precision.

A direct measurement of the magnetic moment requires the measurements of two frequencies: the Larmor frequency, which characterizes the precession of the spin of a particle, and the cyclotron frequency, which describes a charged particle's oscillation in a magnetic field.

BASE’s double Penning trap separates the measurements of the Larmor as well as the cyclotron frequency from the spin-state analysis. Two traps are used for the measurements: the analysis trap, which will identify the spin state of the particle, and the precision trap, which will flip the spin of the particle while measuring the cyclotron frequency.

Two further traps are used. The monitor trap will check for any variance in the magnetic field caused by external sources, allowing the BASE team to make instant adjustments to the core traps while measurements are under way. The reservoir trap will store antiprotons for months on end, allowing the BASE collaboration to continue operating even without beam.

In June 2014 the BASE collaboration reported the first direct high-precision measurement of the proton magnetic moment with a fractional precision of 3.3 part per billion. The team plans to be taking new measurements of the antiproton magnetic moment at CERN's Antiproton Decelerator by beam time in 2014.

just render a regular component with a function prop that it can use to share some state with you

Continuing with the example above, we can simplify the withMouse HOC to a regular <Mouse> component with a render prop that is a function. Then, inside <Mouse> 's render , we can use that prop to know what to render!

The main concept to understand here is that the <Mouse> component essentially exposes its state to the <App> component by calling its render prop. Therefore, <App> can render whatever it wants with that state. Pretty cool. 😎

I should clarify at this point that “children as a function” is the exact same concept , just using the children prop instead of render . When I say “render prop” I’m not talking specifically about a prop named render , but rather the concept of having a prop that you use to render something. 😅

This technique avoids all of the problems we had with mixins and HOCs:

And there’s absolutely no ceremony required to use a render prop because you’re not wrapping or decorating some other component. It’s just a function! Actually, if you’re using TypeScript or , you’ll probably find it much easier to write a type definition for your component with a render prop than its equivalent HOC. Again, a topic for a separate post!

no ceremony

Additionally, the composition model here is dynamic ! Everything happens inside of render, so we get to take full advantage of the React lifecycle and the natural flow of props state.

the composition model here is dynamic

Using this pattern, you can replace any HOC with a regular component with a render prop. And we can prove it, too! 😅

One of the most convincing pieces of evidence that render props are a more powerful pattern than HOCs is the fact that any HOC can be implemented using a render prop, but the inverse is not true. The following is an implementation of our withMouse HOC using a regular ol’ <Mouse> :

Observant readers may have already noticed that the withRouter HOC in the React Router codebase is actually implemented with… wait for it… nike air jordan 4 retro fire red gs shoes 3ViRsPgbEr

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Best Streaming App for Android


Terrarium TV is a great way to enjoy movies and tv shows on android smartphone. The app has a really great interface and some of the really useful features. In very short period of time, Terrarium TV got a lot of attention and loyal fans. The app provides you high-quality streaming of HD Movies tv shows on your air jordan 4 retro legend blue buy now sv809
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See Also: Download Terrarium TV 1.9.7 Latest APK

But is Terrarium TV perfect app for streaming videos? Well, yes. It has almost everything any user required for a good entertainment experience but sometimes, it creates some problems with subtitles.

There are HD links for streaming movies TV shows and among them, some consists of Subtitles and some may not. Sometimes, you will find unsynced subtitles. But, this is not the app problem. Terrarium TV app does not add or modify the subtitle files in the streaming links. It all happens from the source.

If you really need subtitles while watching movies and TV shows, then this post is for you.

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As you already know that Terrarium TV streams movies and Tv shows from the sources and it does not host any of the video files on their own servers. For streaming movies and tv shows, it requires a player that can decrypt data from streaming links in the form of videos.

If the streaming links don’t have subtitles or have unsynced subtitles then it really ruins the user experience. The ExoPlayer (inbuilt player) is not capable to add external subtitles. Moreover, there is no option for subtitles synchronization in the ExoPlayer.

NOTE: ExoPlayer is now replaced with YesPlayer in the Terrarium tv 1.9.7

So, to get rid of this problem, you can use MX Player (on Android) or VLC Media Player (on PC/Laptop). Both the players are quite popular and they have pretty good options for adding and modifying subtitles.

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