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Walmart has just published an image of the one Jurassic World set that we didn't already have an image for: 75933 T. Rex Transport.

It contains three minifigs: Zia and two guards, plus two dinosaurs. I could only see one until I looked closely and noticed the cute baby T-Rex over on the right. You'll find a larger image of it after the break.

Thanks to Mjmannella and shima55 for the news.


looks great but reminds me of the T-Rex tracker to much


That's not a baby T-rex, but Baby Blue.


I don't know who this Zia character is, but that is one cool fig.


A LEGO truck that doesn't look like total garbage!??


I don't know how I feel about the baby T-rex.

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I know already that I'm going to want a few of these, great parts on show. I feel like LEGO are doing a great job at the moment, my wants list has never been longer!


Love the truck!

Our TRU had a big list of Jurassic sets on their website. Maybe some of them are yet to be revealed?

Clearly a young velociraptor, not a T-Rex.


Cool set. And recce, cool link!


Love it, cool looking set

It’s blues baby!

I love the colorsheme on the T Rex.

The truck and specially the trailer look pretty solid, there are some really nice textures and finished details all over the build. I appreciate the effort considering that it is an exclusive set and also comes with the strong selling point that is the T-Rex.


Kinda reminds me of the scene from Lost World where the two oarent T-Rexs come for their baby in the weird tunnel van thing.

One of the best sets from the Jurassic line and had I didn't already had a Rex this would be on my list, that trailer and the truck is awesome.

This set makes so much more sense than the first version from 2015.

Does anyone know when the JP/ JW sets are being released in the UK?

I am uncertain. It is definitley better than the last wo big Dino-Transports, but still. It looks kinda boring and a bit to broad for my taste. Maybe it is just the picture.

Am i the only one who thinks that T-Rex (the big one, not the misidentified baby,) is looking a little pale? Just saying, if the big guy's been running around on a tropical island for... however long it's been, in-universe, since The Fall of Jurassic World, shouldn't he have more of a tan? Anyway, the truck looks pretty nice, (for Lego,) and i wouldn't be surprised to see it turn up in a truck stop MOC sometime in the future. Albeit, with a more... conventional trailer.

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