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We understand what it means to kill something or someone—it ultimately means to take away its strength and power. We are reminded that indwelling sin is compared to a person, even a living person “the old self” or “old man.”

When we are mortifying sin we are aiming kill all that “inclines, entices, impels to evil, rebels, opposes, fights against God.”

In other words, when we are mortifying sin we are going after all that is evil, desires evil, and lures us toward evil. And we go after it like intolerant, unaccommodating, spiritual assassins.

But we don’t just stop there with a scorched earth sanctification. We must work to cultivate a new desire to replace the fallen lusts:

“by the implanting, habitual residence, and cherishing of a principle of grace that stands in direct opposition to it and is destructive of it. So, by the implanting and growth of humility is paid weakened, passion by patience, uncleanness by purity of mind and conscience, love of this world by heavenly mindedness: which are graces of the Spirit, or the same habitual grace variously acting itself by the Holy Ghost.”

We are working to put off and put on. We are putting sinful vices to death and putting godly virtues to work. The old writers speak of mortification (putting to death) and vivification (putting to life or quickening).

How do we mortify sin? We mortify sin by examining our hearts, minds, and lives in the light of the Word of God and under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. When we see or a fellow believer helps us to see something out of step with the Bible then we work to put it to death.

I should also note that the emphasis of mortification is not simply on the fruit but on the root. It does little good to just simply stop being angry without realizing a strong desire to control people and things. The lust will simply find another way to express itself in its craving for control. Instead we have to deal with the heart issues at the root to see why and how we want to control people and things rather than to trust God and deploy his methods.

It is simple: because God’s Word says we must ( Rom. 8:13 ). Let’s not forget this is what believers should want. We want to be holy and reflect Jesus Christ. To want to tolerate sin is an intolerance of holiness. It is an insult of the blood of Christ that bought us ( Heb. 10:26ff ).

There is also an aspect of the lingering effect of unmortified sin. Owen reminds us that left alone, unmortified sin will do two things: it will weaken the soul and deprive it of its vigor, and it shall darken the soul and deprive it of its comfort and peace. This is what sin does when it reigns in us; it weakens and darkens. Oh, we have great need to mortify sin.

This casual yet trendy semi-outdoor restaurant inside the Surfjack Hotel in Waikiki has great vibes to go with its island influenced menu. We dined for brunch, which offered an eclectic menu of both brunch classics and unique items like our favorite dish, the pork adobo fried rice. It takes the Filipino pork dish and combines it with avocado, pickled mushrooms, kimchi, and pickled ginger topped with a perfectly cooked runny egg for a bowl you just can’t stop eating.

They also offer a variety of pizzas – we loved their naked pig pizza which was quite rich, so the mountain of arugula and parmesan that’s offered as an add on balanced things out perfectly.

Eat this: pork adobo fried rice, naked pig pizza with arugula and parmesan, kale salad, kuahiwi burger, surfjack breakfast with Portuguese sausage

Eat this:

January 15, 2018 by Jen Balisi

Grilling a steak by the beach with Diamond Head behind me is definitely not one of the things I expected to be doing during my time in Oahu. But there I was, standing behind a hot grill with a giant spatula, flipping a ribeye steak while looking out the windows to see the sun setting on Waikiki Beach. This experience comes thanks to Reef Bar Market Grill , located inside the nike free neon gelb dament paVmmjK7
(where I stayed for the 8 days on vacation with my family).

January 13, 2018 by Jen Balisi

If you’ve been following me on Instagram at all, you know that pizza is my one true love. I regularly grab a slice as a snack and eat it while walking to my next meeting. I order extra slices to keep in the freezer so I always have it on hand (or in a recent case , to fly back to Hong Kong). I’m even wearing a damn pizza bikini on a pizza beach towel while eating a slice of pizza bigger than my head in my nike air jordan space jam shoes
– THAT’S how much I love it. And while that photo was taken in Miami, New York City is my one true love for pizza. You can find almost every type of pizza here (yes, even deep-dish “pizza”). And more importantly, you can find GREAT versions of almost every type of pizza (yes, NYC even has great versions of deep-dish pizza, but those will not be found in this list – sorry Chicagoans). So it’s only fitting that for my first edition of Where to Eat in NYC, I highlight my favorite pizza slice joints and restaurants.

January 12, 2018 by Jen Balisi

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